On The Essence Of Cinema

The intent of this essay is to make a descriptive analysis of cinema’s essence: cinema considered as the whole of the art form we know it to be, defined in terms which reveal its essential properties. This might appear to be an impossible task; an attempt to define the multifarious kinds of films and ways by which they work very nearly would be. Instead, I am looking for the essential principles of this art form as a whole: what the incredibly diverse range of cinematic material have in common, and were created by. The scope of this essay will consequently be limited to describing and defining the basic features of cinema through general inferences about the medium.

Zachary Wyman

Part 1Definitions

Part 2 – Introduction to the Three Planes

Part 3 – Film as Production

Part 4 – Film as Material

Part 5 – Cinema as Material

Part 6 – Further Implications: Properties of Cinema

Part 7 – Editing Movies (I)

Part 8 – Editing Movies (II)

Part 9 – Sign and Signifier in Cinema

Part 10 – Narrative and Film: Approaches

Part 11 – Experimental Film

Part 12 – Complexity: A Brief Note

Part 13 – Film Criticism

Part 14 – Film as Art