EllaThe Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences has chosen the Majorcan short three-dimension-animated film Ella, as one of the ten films to be nominated for this year’s Best Short Film Animation Goya Award. Written and directed by Juan Montes de Oca, and produced by the animation and audiovisual technologies unit of the University of the Balearic Islands (LADAT), Ella is a 19-minute film which tells the story of a long-lost and late-found love.

Set beween Palma and New York, the plot begins with an African-American heavily ill and homeless old man who has given up on life since he lost his one and only love. A young generous boy who approaches him to offer him music, randomly becomes the cause for the man to reconnect with the love of his life, and for music to enter his world again.

EllaBeautifully made, the short film includes in its story some of the most significant urban landscapes of both Palma and New York, from Palma’s historical centre Cathedral, to the Empire State Building. The music of The Temptations covered especially for Ella by Rubén Pérez, Damián Weaver and Carlos Tejedor and sung by John Tirado, dress the nostalgic love story in a highly warm, emotional and at the same time, comical kind of way.

EllaImaginative, well-designed, smooth and elegant, the Majorcan short film has applied the most advanced 3D animation techniques and is going to be presented to one of the most important film festivals within and outside Spain. With a heartwarming story and highly creative visuals, Ella is definitely worth watching.

The other nine Spanish short animated films competing for the Goya Award are Dogballs, by Ernesto Felipe Díaz and Hugo Llanas Lumbierres, Friendsheep, by Jaime Maestro Selles, Grand prix, by Anna Solanas and Marc Riba, Historia d’Este, by Pascual Pérez Porcar, Penumbra 3D: El desafortunado encuentro, by Larry y Bird and Gonzalo Bendala, Quién aguanta más (Zeinek gehiago iraun), by Gregorio Muro, Rosa, by Jesús Orellana Pérez, Yaku, by Nacho Pesquera and Nacho Subirats.

Watch a trailer of Ella here:

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