Wild (2014) by Jean-Marc Vallée - Unsung FilmsThere’s a great reference to Cheryl Strayed‘s Wild in the Gilmore Girls reunion and it comes at the unlikeliest of times from the unlikeliest person. It’s been more than six months since the classic series’ spin-off got released by Netflix and it caused so many controversial comments and most of them came in regards Lorelai’s role and how her character’s evolution over the years was completely and utterly unfaithful to her old character. And all this only because Lorelai, who hates nature and any outdoor activity decides to ‘Go wild’ – inspired by the real Strayed and her life-changing adventure.

Wild is a biographical book of a woman, who decides to take a break from life and hike the PCT, The Pacific Crest Trail, 2,663 miles long from Mexico till the state of Washington up north. In 1995, after struggling with drug abuse and depression, the author of the book Cheryl Strayed decides to take some time off and to spend it on her own in order to sort her life out. After losing her mother from cancer, Cheryl seems to start losing track of her life. Everything seems pointless to her, her marriage is falling apart, she starts using drugs and her life gets worse. Till she decides to get some clearance and hike the PCT. Completely clueless and almost idiotic she begins this challenging journey, repeating to herself that she can quit any time she likes, hoping to find clarity and cause.

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Wild (2014) by Jean-Marc Vallée - Unsung FilmsSo let’s take a minute here and get the record straight. Wild or Eat Pray Love had massive success and appealed to many women, simply because there is no woman out there in her mid twenties, early thirties that hasn’t felt that unique sensation of desperation and the need to unload everything, abandon every single possession of hers and start her life afresh. Without a shadow of a doubt each woman has that breaking point, where she wishes to start over again and whether it’s her life as a whole or her career or her love life, it really doesn’t matter. It’s that amazingly powerful drive that makes her wish to make herself her one and only priority, to be truly herself and pursue what she really wants. No wonder these books have been best-sellers and also inspiring and motivating.

The movie was released in 2014 with Reese Weatherspoon in the main role. As always there are alternations and changes between the book and the movie. Both are very heartfelt and hard to take in, the book is undoubtedly more detailed and harsh in a way. The movie on the other hand, has a lyricism through the photography and the scenery, whilst managing to captivate the viewer and drag him into this amazing journey.

Wild (2014) by Jean-Marc Vallée - Unsung FilmsI loved them both, for different reasons but for the same main idea. I liked how both the film and the book embrace the female fierceness, how they praise a woman’s passion and determination. It’s so common to watch movies or read books about how men explore and find glory, it is sad that we expect a woman to be stronger for the others as a mother, as a sister as a daughter, as a wife and be supportive to every one apart from herself. Cheryl Strayed manages to show how powerful a woman can be and she can escape from any kind of abusive environment the moment she realises that she is worth more.

So if you wonder why Lorelai or any other woman, who can’t stand the bite of a mosquito decides to go ‘Wild’ all of a sudden, it’s only because you haven’t reached that breaking point. And whether you decide to go ‘Wild’ or take break and travel around the world, like Eat Pray Love, it doesn’t make any difference. In both cases it’s a journey to find oneself.

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