Bruce Lee's Most Iconic Films - Unsung FilmsAlthough Bruce Lee is one of our most instantly recognisable movie icons, it’s a sad fact that his most iconic films rarely get a decent showing on our screens.

So here’s a look at the top movies that have helped Bruce Lee become a household name who pioneered martial arts and even appeared in some Vegas games!


The Big Boss

Although Bruce Lee had already enjoyed growing exposure at martial arts competitions and in American TV shows, it was 1971’s The Big Boss that made Lee famous across Asia. This Hong Kong movie gave the karate star the chance to show his intense fighting skills as he took on the gangland bosses of Thailand. And although it had limited exposure overseas, it quickly set the ball rolling for Lee’s phenomenal career.

Fist of Fury

It was the swift follow-up, Fist of Fury, that really sealed Bruce Lee’s martial arts reputation. This politically-charged movie saw Lee playing the role of a Chinese citizen, Chen Zhen, who fights off foreign oppressors with his incredible martial arts skills that frequently led to Chinese cinema audiences standing up and cheering the hero’s famous fight scenes.

The Way of the Dragon

This epic movie not only broke box office records for a martial arts movie, but it also saw Bruce Lee taking a greater control over how his films would be made. As a result Lee managed to produce, direct, write and star in The Way of the Dragon that remains the high watermark of martial arts movies with its fearless blend of fighting, drama and even comedy becoming an inspiration for the Bruce Lee-inspired slots game at the Coral Vegas gaming website.

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee’s incredible career was caught tragically short when he died aged 32 of an allergic reaction to painkillers. But thankfully he had managed to complete 1973’s Enter the Dragon which remains one of the most popular martial arts movies that even inspired a short-lived kung-fu craze across the world.

Even today. Enter the Dragon stands up as a result of numerous iconic scenes that show off Lee’s incredible on-screen charisma and fighting skills, and with even some top Vegas games celebrating his legacy, it’s clear that the legend of Bruce Lee will live on for many more years yet.

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